Internet Assistance

March 2022



In Bethany Beach there are several home entertainment and Internet access options to fit the needs of individual households and visitors. Home entertainment services are defined as basic network TV channels, premium TV channels, and music channels.

Below is a descriptive list for you to examine to see what options are best suited to your needs. No cost or qualitative service comparisons are provided. Once understanding these options, households should be better equipped to make informed decisions about which services to purchase.

1.  Home entertainment services without Internet

 A variety of channel choices are available, including premium channels at additional cost. This option can be delivered via a cable connection to the home, or via satellite, which requires installation of a dish.

Cable home entertainment is currently offered by Mediacom. Comcast is currently building the infrastructure to also provide this option.

For satellite TV entertainment, DISH Network and Direct TV are the predominant providers in Bethany Beach.  

2.  Home entertainment services with Internet

This option is for users who prefer home entertainment services from either a cable provider or a satellite provider per above, and who also desire access to the Internet.  

2a. The cable-based option provides Internet download speeds ranging from 60 megabits per second (Mbps) up to 1 gigabit (Gbps), depending on the provider. The high-speed cable Internet option is best suited for high-usage households to satisfy one or more of the following requirements:

  • Working remotely  
  • Preference for streaming entertainment content not offered as part of the cable/satellite channel lineup (i.e., streaming entertainment over the Internet)
  • Engages in extensive online gaming
  • Large number of users (5 and above) simultaneously accessing the Internet

As above, these bundled services are currently offered by Mediacom for cable, with Comcast now building the infrastructure to provide this as well.  

2b. The satellite-based option provides Internet download speeds up to 25 Mbps and is the slowest of all Internet services available in Bethany Beach.  It should only be considered for “casual” users requiring limited or occasional access to the Internet.

DISH Network and Direct TV offer bundled services including satellite Internet.

3. Cable Internet-only service

Users may also choose to purchase Internet-only access from their cable provider.  This would be the preferred option for users who don’t want a home entertainment offering from their provider and prefer to select their entertainment content exclusively from streaming services delivered over the Internet.  As stated above, download speeds can range from 60 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

4.  Wireless (5G) Internet-only service

Wireless 5G Internet access is delivered over a wireless (5G) connection and is apt to have lower download speeds, at a potentially lower price point.  

This is a relatively new option for Bethany Beach, currently being rolled out by T-Mobile.  It provides download speeds ranging from 60 Mbps to 300 Mbps, but there are only specific areas within Bethany Beach where the service has been implemented.  If the service is available in your area (you must contact T-Mobile to determine if your address is served), it may be an option for households with lower usage requirements (e.g., perhaps 3-4 simultaneous streaming sessions rather than 5 or above).   

It is important to note that wireless Internet service currently offers no entertainment options bundled with it.  This means that the user must select any desired programs or entertainment exclusively through streaming services.

5. Satellite Internet-only service

Users may also choose to purchase Internet-only access from their satellite provider. This would be the preferred option for users who only need limited access to the Internet, e.g., for reading email or surfing the web. It would provide limited support for high-bandwidth streaming services.