Road Evaluation

Town of Bethany Beach roads are evaluated annually using a roadway management report developed by Kercher Engineering Inc (KEI).

KEI has been widely used in the area by many municipalities for roadway management programs. Alan Kercher was a consultant for the State of Delaware Center for Transportation for many years and is considered extremely knowledgeable in this field.

Road Repairs

In the spring and summer of each year, Town roads are examined by KEI and the Public Works Director. At that time, recommendations are made regarding which roads need work and what repair methods should be utilized.

These repairs range from simple crack sealing to full depth reclamation. Decisions are based upon which and how many roads can be properly repaired within the Town’s yearly budget.

Minor pothole patching is done by Town staff throughout the year as needed, using basic patching materials. Any large emergency repairs prior to the annual paving initiative are completed by local paving contractors.

Repair Funding

Major road work is done in the fall of each year using Municipal Street Aid funds provided by the State of Delaware.

General funds are also allocated by the Town of Bethany Beach to increase the scope of our yearly roadway management program.

The annual expenditure for major road repairs ranges from $150,000 to $200,000. Included in the annual expenditure is contract administration and inspections by KEI.